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Pretend & Play Pro Chef Set

Hosted By: 2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy Mom

Yep, another adorable chefs set toy giveaway is up and running! Like I’ve said before, my kid loves to “serve” us food and drinks and “cook” for us. This would be a fun addition to the playroom until I can get a play kitchen. Ends November 22nd, 2011.

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Step 2 Taxi

Hosted By: Frugality is Free

My son loves being pushed in his stroller, loves riding in or on anything. We don’t own anything other than a stroller to push him in. He’s too young for something that requires his effort to move (like a bike/pedal car). This Step 2 Taxi would be an awesome win. I’m sure he’d have a blast sitting in it, pretending to drive along the road during one of our evening strolls through the neighborhood. And a cup holder? Icing on the cake for a kid that requires his sippy cup to be with him 24/7. 😉 Ends November 23rd, 2011.

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Pretend & Play Pro Chef Set

Hosted By: Tatum’s Family Reviews

My son is 16 months old now. One of his favorite ‘games’ is serving us drinks/food, then preparing another batch of said food/drink. It’s adorable. He even pretends a chair is a drink machine so he can refill the cups. Eventually I want to get him a play kitchen! Right now this cute cooking play set is on my wish list! I’m sure he’d have a blast fixing us some breakfast!!  Ends November 20th, 2011.

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Hosted By: Mom Spotted & Bright Starts

I love Bright Starts products. We’ve been gifted a few items from their toy line since my son was born and he’s loved them all (even a bouncy seat). He’s just now getting into the phase of climbing and trying to ride things. The second I saw this little car giveaway, I knew I had to enter. It even shoots out balls, ha! Any little kid would love this! Ends November 14th, 2011.

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Hosted By:  The Not-So-Blog & Pampers

We’ve used a variety of brands of diapers on our 15 month old son. It seems as though with each size, a different brand works better. Right now he’s in a size 4 and we use Pampers, exclusively. For some reason we’ve encountered leaking problems with the other brands. I find that Pampers are slightly wider and more loose than say, Huggies, who tend to be very stiff and tight-fitting – not good for an active toddler. I always jump at the chance to win some diapers. They add up quick, so to save a few bucks and win our preferred brand of diapers would be awesome! Not only do you get the diapers, but you’ll get a box of wipes AND a Let’s Rock Elmo toy! Diapers and wipes to please mom and dads wallets and a toy to please the kid, you can’t beat that! Ends November 14th, 2011.

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Crazy Cuddly Wolf Playset

Hosted By: Mommy & Me Giveaways

This giveaway was my first introduction to Geared For Imagination products. I’m so glad I found this! It’s been added to my bookmarks for the upcoming holiday season. Their toys are adorable. The toys are unique and definitely my kind of “funky different”. I hate the normal loud, plastic toys you can get at any box store. Check out this giveaway to win that adorable wolf set above! Ends November 3rd, 2011.

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Hosted By: Mommy Told Me Blog

When my son first began taking baths, my first concern was the temperature of the water. Is it too hot? Is it too cold? I was always paranoid. Thankfully it was always fine, and at 14 months old he loves bathtime. And the toys that come with splashing around in the tub. This turtlemeter is great. I’ll know the exact temperature of the water AND my son can play with it in the water! 3 Winners! Ends October 30th 2011.

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Hosted By: Mom and More

Great giveaway for a set of Citiblocs. My son loves to stack and build things. These blocks would be a great addition to the playroom. The different between these sets and other building blocks, is that these are all the same size. No searching around for various sizes to get things to fit/build right. I love that. US winner will receive their choice of a 100 piece CitiBlocs set in natural, cool, or hot colors. Ends October 26th 2011.

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Hosted By: Two Classy Chics

This is a quickie giveaway so hurry! One winner will received a $50.00 gift certificate to use at Educational Insights online store. They are a great variety of educational toys and games. Catering to all subjects and ages! I especially like the early childhood category. Hurry! Ends October 16th 2011.

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Smiling Tree Toys

Hosted By:  Mommy of 1 and Counting  & Smiling Tree Toys

There’s nothing harder to find than quality, safe toys for your babies. Smiling Tree Toys offers gorogeous all natural, organic wooden toys. My favorite being the set in the picture above, African Safari animals. These would be great to play with or even just look pretty on a shelf! Ends October 22nd 2011.

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Hosted By: Mommy of 1 and Counting & Zoobies

My kid is obsessed with moose. (Thanks in part to Moose A Moose on Nick Jr.) When I saw this product giveaway and the huge selection, I knew a moose would be the first choice. It’s a cute stuffed animal that turns into a blanket! Love it. Check out their website and then go enter the giveaway for a shot to win your very own Zoobie blanket pet! Ends October 22nd 2011.

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Hosted By: Mom Spotted & Pampers

Another great opportunity to try out Pampers NEW 3-way fit diapers for your little one(s). I enter all the diaper giveaways I can find. Those things add up quick and getting a break from buying a package would be awesome. My son is 14 months old and while Pampers didn’t work for him when he was smaller, Pampers Cruisers are now the only diapers he can wear that won’t leak! Huggies tend to run too small/tight around the waist, so I’m excited to see how these new 3-way fit Pampers work out. Winner will receive a jumbo pack of diapers, wipes, and Elmo. Ends November 7th 2011.

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Hosted By:  Baby Loving Mama & Pampers

Alright moms. You know how costly diapers and wipes can be, right? That’s why I love baby-related giveaways. This one is great. Win a package of Pampers diapers, Pampers wipes, and an Elmo toy for the little one whose butt will be covered in Pampers! This is actually for a brand new type of diapers from Pampers, “3 way fit”. Not only are they designed to properly fit any child around the waist, legs, and bums, but they are now equipped with a longer absorbent area inside. I can’t wait to give these a try! Ends November 7th 2011.

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Playskool Toys

Hosted By: Fun Saving Money & PlaySkool

Just in time for the holidays, an awesome giveaway for toys! Sponsored by Playskool you can nab a huge prize package that contains several toys. As a family on a very tight budget this season, this would definitely come in handy. Or if you don’t have kids, you could still enter and then donate them!! Ends November 5th 2011.

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Hosted By: The Not-So-Blog

We are huge animal lovers here in my household. I’ve always grown up with animals. Dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, iguanas, chameleons, bearded dragons, fish, you name it I probably had it at some point! Minus a snake, my father just couldn’t deal with that one. My son takes after me, ADORES animals, especially dogs. I know he’d get a kick out of a play set like this.   Ends November 1st 2011.

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