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When we moved into our new house, there was a gigantic tree that had fallen during a storm, taking up the entire side yard. Most tree removal companies wanted upwards of $1600 to remove it. No way could we afford that. We could have just done it ourselves! But we lacked the tools needed, specifically, a chain saw! Eventually a man, armed with a chainsaw, from Craigslist came and took it for firewood. This would be a great win, because there are still tree parts left to be removed, but again, we’re chainsaw-less and too broke to go buy one right now. 😉 Ends November 15th 2011.

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Genie SilentMax 1000

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We just bought a fixer upper with a 2 vehicle carport. The plans are to enclose this into a 2 car garage, or 3 car if we hit the lottery. A garage door opener is a must!! Who wants to get out of the car – especially if there’s bad weather – walk to the garage, lift the door, get back into the car, drive in, get out, close the door and finally be done? Not me. I’m lazy. I need my garage door opener, it’s a priority. This is an awesome giveaway, so check it out. Ends October 20th 2011.

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