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We had a travel system for when our son was an infant, but when it was time to upgrade to a big boy seat, I was overwhelmed trying to decide what was the absolutely BEST for him. In the end my mother-in-law bought us a giant gray seat and I honestly don’t even recall the name of it. Since money was tight, we accepted the gift and considered it a done deal in the car seat department. It works fine, but we hate it. Hate that way it fits in our car, hate the way it has a tendency to slide so easily (yes it is installed correctly). So we’re in the market for another car seat. Two, actually. Now that we’re alternating who picks the kid up, having two car seats would be convenient. Enter the Combi Coccoro car seat. I love the look of it! And the reviews online are all great. This would be a great win for anyone needing a car seat for an infant/child up to 40lbs! Ends November 25th, 2011.

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Cleanwater Infant Tub

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As a new mom, I had a hard time giving my son his first bath. I was terrified that what felt like luke-warm water to me, would be scolding hot to my delicate baby. I only had one of those basic, plastic tubs you can get for $10 at any box store. Thankfully I’ve never scorched my son and he loves baths. However, this would be a great solution for our next child! The 4moms Cleanwater Infant Tub has a built-in digital thermometer. Now you’ll never have to question the water comfort level! Ends November 13th, 2011.

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Can you imagine losing all your possessions in a house fire? Or even worse, a loved one or pet? Neither can I. We had to install new smoke detectors in our new home before we could legally move in (per bank terms). Since this is an older home (1973), we’re only required to have one smoke detector per level. New construction is required to have one per living quarter, meaning every bedroom. That makes more sense. I’d love to win to add this to our home, can’t hurt to have another, right? Ends November 6th, 2011.

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One thing that is an absolute must for your home are smoke detectors! Newer homes are required to have them in every bedroom, while older homes, such as ours, only need 1 per floor. Since we’re in a split level that means 3 smoke detectors. I’d like to add 1-2 more, especially upstairs, so this would be an awesome win. Energizer is offering one winner a smoke detector and Energizer batteries. Ends October 30th, 2011.

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When my son first began taking baths, my first concern was the temperature of the water. Is it too hot? Is it too cold? I was always paranoid. Thankfully it was always fine, and at 14 months old he loves bathtime. And the toys that come with splashing around in the tub. This turtlemeter is great. I’ll know the exact temperature of the water AND my son can play with it in the water! 3 Winners! Ends October 30th 2011.

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