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Sound Asleep Curtains

Hosted By: Sweeps 4 Bloggers

Our new place gets lot of sunlight early in the morning along the front. Unfortunately my sons room is in the front. Finding curtains that keep the room dark, and cool, enough has been a challenge. Right now we’re just working with what we’ve got (money is tight). I was excited to come across this giveaway for room darkening curtains!! They feature a thermaback coating, which keeps rooms darker, and cooler. They also come in a variety of colors, which is awesome. I like the black, but probably couldn’t pull that off in my son’s 50’s blue room, so maybe a grey instead. Ends November 23rd, 2011.

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Hosted By: Mama to 4 Blessings

I had a lava lamp when I was growing up, it was blue and green. I loved that lamp and held on to it for many years. Then in my early 20’s I decided I was grown up enough to get rid of it and I did, at a yard sale, for $5. To this day I regret selling it, I should have saved it for my child{ren}. It’s just a fun addition to any room.  I particularly love the yellow one pictured above, I think it would be a perfect match for our playroom.  I was surprised to see a giveaway for one, since you know, they’re so RETRO lol. Ends November 23rd, 2011.

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Hosted By: Mom Start

A few months ago I received a free sample of Glidden paint in a gorgeous aqua-blue color. The plan is to paint a dresser with it, eventually. This room makeover giveaway would be amazing, since we just moved into a fixer upper just over a month ago. We still have lots to do, and every penny counts. $50 to Wal-Mart and $20 to Home Depot could go a long way for paint and supplies! My next project is the kitchen, that’s going to be a huge undertaking! Ends November 21st, 2011.

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Hosted By: Closer to Lucy

We recently moved into a fixer upper that was built in 1973. All of the closets had to be gutted, because the shelves were warped/missing/broken/etc. This has left us with zero organizational options. Organize World has a vast selection of closet organizational systems, like this amazing built-in system. A girl can dream, right? Until I can afford that a $50 gift card would at least get me a nice sorting hamper! Ends November 12th, 2011.

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Hosted By: 2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy Mom

Can you imagine losing all your possessions in a house fire? Or even worse, a loved one or pet? Neither can I. We had to install new smoke detectors in our new home before we could legally move in (per bank terms). Since this is an older home (1973), we’re only required to have one smoke detector per level. New construction is required to have one per living quarter, meaning every bedroom. That makes more sense. I’d love to win to add this to our home, can’t hurt to have another, right? Ends November 6th, 2011.

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Hosted By: Sweeps 4 Bloggers

One thing that is an absolute must for your home are smoke detectors! Newer homes are required to have them in every bedroom, while older homes, such as ours, only need 1 per floor. Since we’re in a split level that means 3 smoke detectors. I’d like to add 1-2 more, especially upstairs, so this would be an awesome win. Energizer is offering one winner a smoke detector and Energizer batteries. Ends October 30th, 2011.

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Summer Infant Baby Gate

Hosted By: Mommy and Me Giveaways

Our new place has two sets of stairs. One goes into the playroom and it doesn’t have a gate yet. Our son will NOT stay in that room if we’re not in there, so trying to get things done when you’re home alone with him is nearly impossible. With a gate we could lock him in. For his own safety of course! And our sanity. But mainly his safety. 🙂 Enter for your chance to win a baby gate by Summer Infant. Ends October 19th, 2011.

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Hosted By:  Sweeps 4 Bloggers

Being in a new {to us} home that sat as a foreclosure for a year has been an interesting adventure. It’s not very clean. Every day we’re finding something gross. Like a clogged sink drain that attracts fruit flies, ack! Or you know, the 1973 toilets that have been left as-is since who-knows-when. YUCK! I’m all about cleaning supplies, but I’m hesitant on some of the standard ones due to the chemicals and the fact that I have a young child. That’s why I’d love to get my hands on some all natural cleaners! One lucky winner will get a 30 Day Supply of Trashy, Flushy and Stinky cleaning products! Go check it out. Ends October 29th, 2011.

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Hosted By: Real Mom Real Views

I had a Shark steam mop before we moved. Unfortunately it bit the dust by breaking in half. Seriously, IN HALF. I was so sad, because my new {to me} kitchen could definitely use with steam mop love on the floor. This would be an amazing win and a great savings. Ends October 31st 2011.

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SC Johnson Package

Hosted By: Two of a Kind Working on a Full House

I’ve mentioned in previous entries how much I love Shout and Scrubbing Bubbles. Both are by the SC Johnson company Another favorite would be Windex! Check out this giveaway for your chance to win a basket full of SC Johnson cleaning supplies! Great win to help keep the house in shape. 🙂 Ends October 31st 2011.

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Genie SilentMax 1000

Hosted By: The Not-So-Blog

We just bought a fixer upper with a 2 vehicle carport. The plans are to enclose this into a 2 car garage, or 3 car if we hit the lottery. A garage door opener is a must!! Who wants to get out of the car – especially if there’s bad weather – walk to the garage, lift the door, get back into the car, drive in, get out, close the door and finally be done? Not me. I’m lazy. I need my garage door opener, it’s a priority. This is an awesome giveaway, so check it out. Ends October 20th 2011.

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Hosted By:  Thanks, Mail Carrier

Before having a kid I never bothered to treat stains or anything. I just threw things in the wash and whatever happened, happened. Things have changed. Kids are expensive. I want his clothes to last and be in good enough condition to resell or trade in at the consignment store (save $$$), with lots of stains the odds of selling or trading are slim to none. Enter, SHOUT! It works. Even on whites. Whites covered in spaghetti sauce. I couldn’t believe that, didn’t even need bleach. So head on over to Thanks Mail Carrier and enter for your chance to win $80 worth of Shout products.

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Scrubbing Bubbles

Hosted By: Thanks, Mail Carrier

We just moved into an ugly, dirty, 1973 fixer upper. The kitchen and bathrooms are probably the scariest things I’ve ever seen in my life. We managed to get the kitchen and one bathroom is EH order just to be able to live with it. There’s another bathroom though, a door I refuse to open. Scrubbing Bubbles would be a great win to help tackle the scariness that is behind that door. AND to finish cleaning up the other bathroom as well. Enter this giveaway to win the Scrubbing Bubble toilet cleaner and soap scum remover. 2 Winners!!! Ends October 28th 2011.

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Moon Chair!!


We just moved into a new {to us} home and my son finally has his very own playroom.  The room has zero seating at the moment.  This Moon Chair would be an amazing addition to it.  Definitely fits with my quirky retro style. The red would be a great pop of color in the room too. Ends November 2nd 2011. Comment entries.

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Win a sexy Bialetti Trends pasta pot. These are amazing and come in great colors. I love the orange and blue! This would make cooking pasta a whole lot easier. Usually I have to dig out the strainer and end up making a mess with pots and pans falling all over the floor. Ends October 20th, 2011. Comment entries.

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