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We recently moved into a fixer upper that was built in 1973. All of the closets had to be gutted, because the shelves were warped/missing/broken/etc. This has left us with zero organizational options. Organize World has a vast selection of closet organizational systems, like this amazing built-in system. A girl can dream, right? Until I can afford that a $50 gift card would at least get me a nice sorting hamper! Ends November 12th, 2011.

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Now that my kid is mobile and in to every possible thing you could imagine, he gets his nasty sticky fingers on to every surface in the house. I’m constantly wasting baby wipes trying to clean up after him and let’s face it, those wipes aren’t cheap. Scotch Brite (a brand whose sponges I LOVE) recently came out with a new line of product; botanical disinfecting wipes! This would be an awesome win to keep cleaning up after my messy little guy. Ends November 1st, 2011.

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Being in a new {to us} home that sat as a foreclosure for a year has been an interesting adventure. It’s not very clean. Every day we’re finding something gross. Like a clogged sink drain that attracts fruit flies, ack! Or you know, the 1973 toilets that have been left as-is since who-knows-when. YUCK! I’m all about cleaning supplies, but I’m hesitant on some of the standard ones due to the chemicals and the fact that I have a young child. That’s why I’d love to get my hands on some all natural cleaners! One lucky winner will get a 30 Day Supply of Trashy, Flushy and Stinky cleaning products! Go check it out. Ends October 29th, 2011.

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I had a Shark steam mop before we moved. Unfortunately it bit the dust by breaking in half. Seriously, IN HALF. I was so sad, because my new {to me} kitchen could definitely use with steam mop love on the floor. This would be an amazing win and a great savings. Ends October 31st 2011.

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