Pampers Cruisers “Play-A-Palooza” Pack

Hosted By:  The Not-So-Blog & Pampers

We’ve used a variety of brands of diapers on our 15 month old son. It seems as though with each size, a different brand works better. Right now he’s in a size 4 and we use Pampers, exclusively. For some reason we’ve encountered leaking problems with the other brands. I find that Pampers are slightly wider and more loose than say, Huggies, who tend to be very stiff and tight-fitting – not good for an active toddler. I always jump at the chance to win some diapers. They add up quick, so to save a few bucks and win our preferred brand of diapers would be awesome! Not only do you get the diapers, but you’ll get a box of wipes AND a Let’s Rock Elmo toy! Diapers and wipes to please mom and dads wallets and a toy to please the kid, you can’t beat that! Ends November 14th, 2011.

Click here to go enter!


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